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Player Direct

You Create. We Share. Everyone Wins.

What is Player Direct?

You make great stuff. We'll turn on the spotlight

Every player's story is unique.

The types of players who create streams, videos, and articles tell a deeper story, which is the heart of Player Direct. It's a program for artists, experts, and influencers to be recognized for their contributions and creations.

Player Direct is here to share the best of the best, direct from you to our entire community.

  • You Create.
  • We Share.
  • Everyone Wins.

Ready to Submit?

It's easy! Email us at player-direct@daybreakgames.com

All submissions must comply with DGC's Terms of Service. By submitting your content to Player Direct you are agreeing to DGC's Content Creation Policy (see below).

The Stuff We Love


As a Player Direct contributor, what can I do?

You can talk about things that are happening in game, like battles or raids, seasonal events, player-run events, interview fellow players, highlight notable members of your game's community, review in-game features and content, write opinion editorial pieces, create art based on our games and characters, and more. You can talk about things out of game, like live events or what was covered during the last official Twitch stream. This is your chance to be highlighted as a published representative and journalistic reporter for your community.

Subject to DGC's Content Creation Policy (below) and DGC's Terms of Service, you can create and edit videos, images, artwork, and articles that include or are based on in-game events, screenshots and game play footage. If approved, you may also livestream the game and have your streams appear in our live feed.

Videos may be monetized through "partner programs" on sites like Twitch and YouTube.*

*Unfortunately due to volume, we cannot respond to direct requests asking if it's ok to use our content. Please point sites like YouTube and Twitch to this page.

How do I submit content to Player Direct?

Click the submission link on this page or send us a direct e-mail to player-direct@daybreakgames.com. In the e-mail, include the following details:

  1. Your Name as you'd like it to appear to the DGC community
  2. Your Twitter handle, Reddit username, Twitch.tv username, and/or YouTube username (whichever applies most to your content type). This will be shared on your bio.
  3. A link to your content hosted online (please do not attach files!). Written content can be pasted directly into the e-mail
  4. A link to a picture of you for your bio (hosted online)
What happens after I submit my content?

In Player Direct, we want to showcase the best that our community has to offer! We will review and approve content for Player Direct before sharing it on DGC websites and social media channels. Not all submissions will be accepted.

By submitting your content to DGC Player Direct you agree that DGC may:

Promote your content through DGC websites and social media channels, such as Twitter or Facebook.

Add your videos to its Player Direct playlist on YouTube so that it reaches a larger audience.

Use your content to publicize and market its games, the DGC brand, and/or the DGC community (see the Content Creation Policy below).

When making videos and other creative content, there are important rules to follow:

Videos and creative pieces that contain game content may only be used for non-commercial purposes, meaning you cannot license or sell them to others.

Your creation must not include any material that is illegal or infringes on the rights of third parties.

Creative content cannot feature material that is likely to harm the reputation of DGC, DGC's games, or DGC's related companies.

DGC remains the exclusive owner of all game content and intellectual property rights in its games.

About Player Direct Content

Daybreak Game Company encourages our customers to submit news, videos, images and other content to share their perspectives about the gaming communities within our games. Content that is published through Player Direct reflects the thoughts and opinions of the author and not DGC.

Content Creation Policy

DGC grants its players a limited, non-exclusive, revocable, non-transferable license to create and distribute images, artwork, articles, and videos that contain or are based on in-game events, screenshots, and game play footage from DGC games ("Content"). Your Content, and your use of the Content, are subject to and must comply with DGC's Terms of Service. You may use such Content only for non-commercial purposes, except that videos may be monetized as described above. You may not use, sell, distribute, license or otherwise exploit any DGC game content or intellectual property for any other purpose or in any other manner other than as expressly provided in this Content Creation Policy and the Terms of Service. DGC reserves the right to require the removal and/or deletion of any Content that does not comply with this Content Creation Policy and the Terms of Service.

By submitting Content to the Player Direct program you grant to DGC, at no charge, the perpetual, worldwide, non-exclusive, irrevocable, royalty-free, transferable license to use, modify, make derivative works of, reproduce, exhibit, perform, edit, distribute, and otherwise exploit Content (including your likeness, voice, and performance), and any information associated with your Content (such as video metadata, your user name, etc.), in whole or in part, in any and all media, whether now known or hereafter devised, in connection with the marketing, publicity, and promotion of DGC products and services. Such uses shall include, but are not limited to, print, stills, internet, video, audio, broadcasts, webcasts, slide presentations, newsletters, and in other promotional materials. You waive any right that you may have to review and/or approve the final, edited or unedited version of the content and its use or non-use as DGC may determine. You further agree that DGC shall remain the exclusive owner of all game content and intellectual property rights in its games, including all such content that may appear in your submissions.

DGC may use your email address provided in the Player Direct submission process to contact you in connection with Player Direct and/or your submitted content. DGC may use your social media handle/user name to identify you in connection with the Player Direct Program.