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Life at Daybreak: Art Workshops

Welcome to Life at Daybreak, a behind-the-scenes look at what it means to be a Daybreaker. Interested in joining our team? Job openings and internships are posted at

Figure Drawing 1

Today, we’re going inside the theater at the new San Diego studio to get a glimpse at one of the art-based workshops offered by the company for employees. These workshops started about seven years ago in the old studio location, but have been given an exciting new life here at the new studio!

Figure Drawing 2

For artists, keeping skills sharp is key to their craft, and having an opportunity to stretch their creative muscles beyond the digital landscape is welcome. For other employees, the workshops are open to all skill levels so that, regardless of your current team or position, you can pick up a pencil or brush and learn alongside the professionals.

Sketch of Proportions

Art Director Sebastian Strzalkowski told us that, during the month of March, the focus would be on classic figure drawing techniques. “We surveyed the artists to see what style of classes they’d prefer, and when they wanted them held,” Strzalkowski explained, “and we decided to offer as much of a mix as possible. Some of the classes are during lunch and are more instructional in nature, while others are more free-form and will be held later in the evening.” In future months, they hope to offer painting (Bob Ross method) and sculpting workshops as well.

Figure Drawing 4

For more on the art created by the talented individuals working for Daybreak, make sure you follow @DaybreakGames on Twitter and Instagram, where we’ll be sharing concept art, completed designs, and more behind-the-scenes looks at Life at Daybreak in the future!

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