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Terror of Luclin is Now Live!

Beware, Norrathians!

The shadows cast by the light of Luclin have been whispering of intrigues. The Akheva are on the move, striving to reassert their power and rebuild their moon-wide empire. Amidst the turmoil of their actions, rumors abound. Mayong Mistmoore has been seen on Luclin. The only known truth is that the master vampire has since disappeared into the shadows and even his devoted followers and sycophants have begun to worry.

Clearly something is stirring on the moon of Luclin. What secrets or magical power was the Lord of Mistmoore seeking? Is he trying to usurp another god? Do you have the strength to peer behind the shades and track down the vampire lord to prevent whatever evil he is plotting?

Terror of Luclin is now live!

Here is what you can look forward to in our latest expansion:

  • Grow in strength by leveling up your character to 120
  • New spells, Combat abilities, and AAs
  • Gather up all the new Collections
  • New Teleport Item Key Ring for all your characters (and more slots can be added via the Marketplace)
  • Conquer new raids
  • Experience new adventures
  • Explore new zones


Don't let the Akhevian rituals and shadows dominate the world. Only you can become the force that will banish them all!

Don't forget, there are a lot of great benefits that go hand-in-hand with our newest expansion as well as a 10% discount on your purchase by becoming an All Access member!

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