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We’re Celebrating Streamer Appreciation Day!

Here at Daybreak, we’re all gamers at heart – whether we’re creating community-driven games or sharing, playing, and watching them. To show our support for the streamers and content creators who have highlighted the games we all know and love, we created Streamer Appreciation Day!

From Friday, October 6 at 12PM PT through Saturday, October 7 at 12PM PT, you’ll see a variety of Daybreak Games employees hopping into Twitch streams and sharing messages of appreciation as well as subscribing and donating. Each of our employees will disclose their status with Daybreak so that you know they’re officially part of Streamer Appreciation Day. With TwitchCon right around the corner, what better way to get ready than to show love to the streaming community!

We know that many streamers and content creators do good in their communities and champion causes that we hold close to our hearts as well. That’s why in addition to celebrating Streamer Appreciation Day, we will also be making a $10,000 donation to Extra Life.

Want to join in on Streamer Appreciation Day with us? Share who you’re supporting with #StreamerAppreciationDay on Twitter!


Why did you select Extra Life?

Community is at the heart of our games, and in addition to supporting our streaming community, we want to give back to a charity that unites gamers around the world. The goal of Extra Life is to raise money to help Children's Miracle Network Hospitals provide medical assistance to children that need it, regardless of their family's ability to pay. Today, we're committing $10,000 to Extra Life - to learn more or donate directly, visit

Who from Daybreak Games is participating?

Each Daybreak employee will disclose their employment status with their subscription or donation, and a full list of participating employee Twitch handles is below:

  • APartyForClowns
  • Arclegger
  • ArrestedDev
  • AttaCAT
  • autenildgc
  • Banpollution
  • BobbyFresshh
  • BrainDeadKumquat
  • bronstahd
  • chewbaccasong
  • Coorslightwarrior
  • cptn_pants
  • Craftyjoseph
  • DGC_Gadfly
  • elementalfiend
  • ficky23
  • FortySixAnTwo
  • frankensusan
  • game_dev_carto
  • ggnewton
  • Gr8mutato
  • Gyypsy
  • harmlesscivilian
  • Hludwolf
  • imGratman
  • jgolenbo
  • Jparknator
  • Kizmosis
  • Larzhino
  • Lieutenant_Toast
  • LittleStace
  • Lucevelyn
  • Lythe_Caraker
  • _mepps
  • ngdaybreaker
  • niente_
  • OneLetter
  • QuaternionSlerp
  • randombu
  • raqmarcelo
  • Rathanon
  • Roshen
  • Roxxlyy
  • RTSLightning
  • RyyFi
  • Slowfatninjah
  • StrommTV
  • TheCastoroGamer
  • Tidal_Surge
  • Tivuli
  • tmargers
  • WhiteChapelRellnan
  • Wrel
  • Zilekaz

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